Thursday, 18 December 2014

Help I am addicted

I would like to share the story of a young man addicted to masturbation and the psychological effect the addiction was having on him. It is my strong belief that man has made life very difficult for himself by setting up unnatural norms of behavior. The primary function of any living organism is to procreate and multiply. When a plant is ready to multiply there are no social or economic factors stopping it from doing this. When an animal in the wild is ready to procreate there is nothing stopping it from doing so. All it has to do is find a suitable and willing mate. Of course unlike humans, an animal in the wild has to prove its physical superiority over others competing for the same mate. Humans however place societal rules based on mostly economic factors ahead of laws of nature. Is it sensible for holding back the primary urge and duty of any human being from being fulfilled? This brings in its wake unnatural behavior. Young men (and women) not being able to satisfy the urges, when the energy is at its peak, turn to porn and masturbation. There are no monkeys who enjoy seeing others mate. I don’t think a monkey jerks-off. Monkeys, unlike humans have ample opportunity to indulge in healthy sexual activity with a number of mates during their life. Such restraint brings in its wake many untold sorrows.

This is the story of a young man aged 29 and the advice he got. I think it is a story I should share as it brings out the inner struggles that many face, caught up in addictions of one kind or another. This young man was caught up in an addiction to masturbation but the story holds true for any kind of addiction. This is his story:

I am 29 years and am part of the Krishna Consciousness movement for over 10 years. I am able to increase my chanting to up to 16 rounds but cannot sustain it at that level. I interact with other devotees at times but not as often as I should. I attribute my unsocial behavior to my habit of masturbation. I got involved in the Krishna Consciousness movement for divine guidance. Some time back I gave up hope completely and stopped coming to the prayer meetings. Then I faced some issues in my life which I was unable to handle so I went back to the temple. This time around I tried to be even more sincere but have failed. This has not happened man times in the past 10 years. All through these years I have been watching porn and masturbating. I am unable to share this with anyone around me although I need help. Also I feel no one would understand. I feel very sad and hate myself. I know that the lord is with me and is guiding me but I keep failing. I am asking for your help, please guide me get out of this miserable habit which is ruining me physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here is the advice he got from someone more experienced:

I was in the same trap and have successfully kicked the habit and would like to help you. Let us take it one step at a time. We need to understand some basics before we can progress. Our actions are the outcome of our thinking process. Let us not focus on the action but the thought behind the action. Therefore the first step in controlling your action is to control your thought process. Secondly our mind produces thoughts randomly but we filter these thoughts through our intellect. We cannot stop the thoughts which have been part of us for so many years but we can start choosing them intelligently. So we need to make a conscious effort to pick the correct thoughts. Thirdly our thoughts are dependent on our senses (indriyan). Indriyan are described in Hindu literature as touch, smell, taste, sight and smell. The nature of the mind is to wonder. But the more successful have a control over this wandering nature of the mind. Rishis and the more enlightened souls also face this but they control it with their will and use their intellect to choose the right path. So we need to control what we see, touch and feel and what we do with every thought before translating it into action. Here are some suggestions for you to work on.

If you watch porn then install a filter and make a pact with yourself not to watch it any more. Change the route you take if you are used to buying X rated stuff from somewhere on your way. Try and stay away from everything that can excite such thoughts. Try not to watch movies with simple kissing scenes. Stay away from friends who like to discuss stuff that can excite you sexually. This is about taking care of what you see, hear and see. Now let us talk about developing a stronger intellect.

Read some scripture for at least 20 minutes every day and implement its lessons in your life. You do go to the temple and chant Hare Krishna for an hour every day. The question is what about the other 23 hours. Try and use the same chanting and recreate the temple in your mind. Every time you have the urge remind yourself that the pleasure is short lived and you will have to deal with a lot of sorrow. Involve yourself in physical activity. Do yoga, meditation or lay a sport. Remember god helps those… you cannot just keep chanting without taking ownership of your actions. Match your commitment with your karma. You can succeed only with determination and commitment. Remember you have won half the battle by acknowledging that you do have this addiction. Don’t give in and never think you can’t do it. You are strong and you will do it.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What is ED and what causes it?

ED or erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to have a sustained erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Unlike modern medicine traditional Indian and Chinese systems of medicine consider ED to be the symptom of some underlying disease or disorder. ED could show early in psychological disorders. On the physiological side ED may manifest itself in early cardiac problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, metabolic disorders and in early stages of other disease processes. Often ED is a precursor to an undiagnosed disease or disorder. ED is nothing more than the body either trying to conserve energy and sometimes it could have its origins in reduced blood flow to the penis. Erectile Dysfunction also sometimes manifests in old bachelors or other men due to unfulfilled of desire. Therefore maintaining a healthy sex life is the best preventive treatment for ED.

What do you do if you do not have a relationship? It is imperative that you maintain blood flow to the sexual organ and regularly have erections. A healthy male body will often compensate for this with erotic dreams and morning wood. However if this is not happening you need to take corrective action. I will not get into how you do this but excessive self gratification can have its damaging effects. It can lead to psychological and physiological dysfunction.

In most physically healthy men ED is the result of s psychological issue. It could be false concerns about ageing or performance anxiety. Sexual function is affected in some men when they are with a partner. This can often be the result of excessive exposure to porn and self gratification and sometimes because of a previous episode of failure. It may also affect a man due to over indulgence.

The first course of action to cure ED should be to eat healthy and get enough exercise. Some Ayurvedic supplements like Shilajit can be used. Shilajeet contrary to popular belief is not a sex tonic but a general supplement that affects everything from stronger bones to higher energy levels. There are a number of Yoga exercises that are very effective in treating ED among many other health issues. Kapal Bhati and Nauli Kriya are two simple and effective impotence exercises. The Chinese sexual Qigong is also a simple and effective exercise for functional ED. Sexual Qigong is mostly used for enhancing sexual and physical capability in healthy men and is practiced with a full erection. If you are suffering from sexual dysfunction it can be done without an erection with excellent results. A post on Sexual Qigong is available here.

Link for Kapal Bhati
Link for Nauli Kriya

There are many cures in Homeopathy for impotence. For example Agnus Castus is used in conditions where the symptoms are due to excesses of previous years. There is no desire and the testes become cold. Caladium is used when excitement is there but not accompanied by proper erections. Conium is used for issues arising due to unfulfilled desire. In Homeopathy the medicine or remedy chosen is always based on all the symptoms and modalities. Therefore for every patient the remedy may and often will be different. Always consult a Homeopathic physician for the correct remedy.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What is Qigong Exercise and Meditation

Qigong exercise and meditation has its roots in Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Qigong is an age old Chinese system of traditional health care. The exercises of Qigong integrate meditation, focused attention, postures, spirituality and breathing techniques. Qigong is really 2 words also written Chi Kung. Qi or Chi are translated to mean Vital force or life energy. Qi is the force that flows through everything in the universe. Gong or Kung is achievement, accomplishment or the skill, or ability that comes through constant practice. Qigong is a method of preventive healthcare, curing and increasing vitality. It is the harmonious integration of breathing techniques, movement and postures, and clear intentions.

Qigong is always done in the open to connect with nature. The intent is to cultivate Wu, letting go of the ego and achieving complete emptiness. From this come inner awareness, refinement and intuition. This inner wisdom and guidance leads to harmonious living. We live in a very Yin dominated world, deeply connected to material things. Qigong helps us cultivates a balance of Yin and Yang. Yin is the earth and Yang is heaven. Qigong helps us slow down and connect with nature and focus on beauty and simple things in life. By doing this inner work great enlightenment is possible. The slow and deliberate movements of Qigong integrate meditation with physical movement. It awakens the lower Dan Tian which is the center of energy and vitality of our body. The Dan Tian nourishes the body making it calmer and healthier and the mind wiser. The flow of creativity is increased and subconscious becomes more pure. The central Qi is awakened leading to the transcendental spiral leading to the Tao by working with the Yin and Yang together. We are clearing out the criticizing mind to make way for creativity. Our nightmares give way to higher levels of dreaming making way for more creativity and consciousness.

Qigong is a broad spectrum of techniques covering spirituality, physicality, martial and medicine. In each application of Qigong three things remain constant, focus, posture and breathing. Depending on the practice Qi is cultivated to be stored and to heal the body, increased or transmitted to heal others. The styles practiced may vary from the gentle Tai Chi style to the more martial Kung Fu style. The slow gentle movements are more poplar and can be adapted to the young and old, the healthy and physically challenged alike.

Like any other system of medicine and healthcare Qigong is not an answer for everything but is an extremely effective system of traditional healthcare. It is recommended by many mainstream healthcare professionals as a complimentary system of medicine. Regular practice of Qigong helps maintain health and higher levels of energy. It assists speedy recovery from illness, maintains health in old age and keeps you more active. Hypertension and injury from falling are common in old age, Qigong practice helps prevent such illness and incidences. Qigong reestablishes the body, mind, soul connection. People who do Qigong are healthier, calm and connected to the spirit. This brings a more positive outlook towards life and a positive attitude and behavior. This in turn improves lifestyle and brings stability, greater harmony and enjoyment.

The benefits of Qigong exercise increase due to the philosophy of intent and breathing applied to physical movement integrated with the meridian system used in acupuncture and acupressure. The mild movements practiced in Qigong increase vitality, build control and stamina, reduce physical and mental stress and strengthen the immune system. It acts on all the system of the human body and improves the skeletal, reproductive, digestive, circulatory, respiratory and lymphatic systems.

There is no need for special clothing for Qigong practice since it can be practiced anywhere and at anytime. It benefits everyone from children to the old. There are various styles of Qigong from the more genteel to the extreme martial and vigorous. These can be practiced by anyone from the physically weak to super athletes. There are Qigong classes for everyone, around the world, from children to senior citizens and everyone in between. Qigong’s great appeal is that anyone practicing it will benefit regardless of ability and age. There is something in Qigong for everyone. Children can practice it to improve concentration, workers to improve productivity and old people to improve quality of life.

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Jelqing exercise

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The length required for good quality intercourse and a partner’s satisfaction is not more than 3 inches. But a good size always adds to confidence. Jelqing if done correctly and regularly will not only add to length but also girth or thickness. Do not forget the warm up before starting. The warm up may be done one of two ways. First technique is to take a hand towel and soak it with warm water, not too hot. Wrap it around for a minute and repeat a couple of times. Alternately place your p*n*s between your hands and roll it like dough. Release and cup your tes*****s. Repeat a couple of times. I however like to take a warm bath before the exercise to get nice and warm. The reason for the warm up is to prevent injury and promote growth. Once it is semi erect grip at the root with your thumb and index finger with your palm facing down, making an okay sign. Start with the right hand moving from the root away from the body. To start with use a light grip and tighten through the session. You need to trap the blood within and push it forward for maximum benefit. You are moving the blood forward with every stroke as you would toothpaste in a tube. As you reach the tip, grip the base with the left hand and keep the motion going. When changing hands grip as far back as possible and move forwards. Keep doing this in a continuous motion for 10 to 15 minutes. If your p***s is close to half erect it will increase length and if close to full erection it will increase girth. Use slower strokes for girth and faster strokes for length. For maximum benefit jelqing is done without lube but when starting off use oil or other lube. I use and recommend edible grade oil of any kind except mustard oil. How jelqing helps is that with every stroke the blood moves into the cells of the erectile tissue engorging and swelling the p***s. Once these cells are repaired they are able to hold a lot more blood resulting in stronger longer size. Expansion should be seen in the first few sessions, sometimes within the first session. You will experience an increase in girth before the length increases. Some people have reported permanent increase of over 2 inches within a couple of months of practicing the jelq. 

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