Sunday, 20 March 2016

Erectile Dysfunction - We worry too much

The trick to beating ED is to educate yourself and find the remedy that works for you. Working on your health and not just sexual health will solve the problem. The right diet and exercise can rid you of erectile dysfunction. This is the safest option but requires you to be patient and to give it a little time to work. You need to balance macro and micro nutrients. For healthy sexual function out body needs a balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as vitamins, electrolytes and other micro nutrients. Most men when faced with ED develop the wrong mental attitude which makes matters worse and it becomes a long term problem. When this happens you get stuck with performance anxiety which worsens an already bad situation. Had you not obsessed about it so much, ED would have probably cured itself. You need to consider however, that if your issue is related to an underlying disease process you need to take care of the disease. This will in most cases rid you of ED.  There are some effective exercises in Qigong and Yoga that really help. This blog has a lot of information on this so check other posts. Look for Kapal bhati and sexual Qigong. Acupressure and Acupuncture can help so give it a try.

If you are reading this you are probably concerned about your erections. ED can have psychological origins or it can be a physiological condition arising out of an underlying disease. It can sometimes be precursor to a disease that has not taken root and may be undetectable in a clinical exam or lab tests. I have done a lot of research online and offline on ED. Good quality information is a little hard to find online. One has to sift through too much to find sensible facts. The net may not be a good place for someone looking for a real solution. I recently discovered an eBook titled “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”. This eBook is an excellent resource of facts and critical information on ED. I have provided a link here. At under $10* it is a real steal. 

Diet and exercise play an important role in proper sexual function. For proper guidance on appropriate diet for improving sexual function "THE MAN DIET" seems like a safe and low cost option. I would try "THE MAN DIET" any day as against ingesting dangerous chemicals like Viagra with life threatening side effects. What I like about this product is that it is a guide for implementing a well researched diet plan for improving sexual health and performance. The author of the plan is talking a lot of sense and claims to have used the prescriptions on himself and many clients. He is recommending a safe option of a balanced diet plan to boost the enzymes and amino-acids needed for good sexual health and to boost T levels. It looks like a safe option. I have not used the product but if I had to I would give it a try before popping a pill or injecting synthetic testosterone in my body. It is a cost effective option at a discounted price of under $20* for the program. From what I know about "THE MAN DIET" it may be used for curing ED or for boosting sexual performance in healthy males. More product details are HERE>>>>

The price indicated in this article are as in December 2015.
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Thursday, 5 November 2015

King Of The Bedroom

Almost every man is obsessed with having a bigger, thicker, harder penis. If that’s what women wanted they’d use a dildo. What women need is a skillful man who understands their body and does the right things. I decided to write this post, to show you that there is much more to making love than vaginal intercourse. Making love is quite different from having sex. Men don’t really differentiate between the two, but if you can understand this one thing you’d be the king of the bedroom.

You want to give your woman an orgasm every time you have sex? It's easier said than done. I have put together some tips below which I hope will help you do that every time. She will worship you for it.

Are you not satisfying her and are you clueless how to spruce up your sex life? More and more men are finding out that their women are not interested in sex, with them, anymore. The fact is that women have a greater sex drive than men but they are not interested in sex if it is not fulfilling. Faking orgasms every time she has sex is not something she wants. Having clumsy un-fulfilling sex actually reduces a woman's sex drive. But having regular orgasms changes a woman's body chemistry and increases her desire for sex. Bad sex not only kills her libido, but often affects other areas of a relationship. This in many cases may eventually lead to a break up. There is however no one solution that can fit all situations. All people and all couples are different. Many, many women live without having an orgasm but they never talk about it with their partners. Many of them end up having a relationship with another man who knows what to do and how to do it. Since sexual satisfaction is so important, the chances of losing your woman if you can’t satisfy her are very high. Continue reading on>>>>>>>

Monday, 26 October 2015

Female Orgasm: Why don't Women Orgasm During Vaginal Sex

Every man wants to give his woman the most mind blowing orgasm. It makes all men feel powerful. So what are we doing wrong? Are we treating women like men? Female orgasm is a complex process. Let's try and understand it. 

 What most men don't understand is that a woman needs more than vaginal stimulation to orgasm. Since men only require penile stimulation to orgasm most men think that simple vaginal stimulation is enough for female orgasm. Women however need stimulation including breasts, vagina, clitoris and even the anus to climax. Women orgasm less than 3 out of 10 times during vaginal intercourse. Men don't even know that this is happening to their partners. Women think that it is somehow their fault so they keep faking it. This often leads women to seek a partner who can do what they need. Over and above this most men and most women have no idea about the G-spot . Not just men but many women think that the G-spot is a myth. Men don't spend enough time during foreplay and are always in a hurry.

Female orgasm takes at least 25 minutes. Whereas men cum in less than 5 minutes. This as you can see is a huge mismatch. So if you want the woman to have an orgasm you need to spend at least 30 minutes on foreplay before penetration. Foreplay should involve some combination of the breasts, anus, vagina and clitoris. The most important however is G-spot stimulation. Discover three things you can do to a woman to give her the best ORGASM of her life - CLICK HERE>>>>>>>>>


Friday, 16 October 2015

How To Make Your Woman Squirt

I have often been asked about squirting orgasms and female ejaculation. Many men and women think it’s a myth. Not many women have experienced a squirting orgasm. With the right stimulation all women can ejaculate resulting in a squirting orgasm. Once a woman experiences ejaculation she will want it more and more. Some women feel that it is pee and they get embarrassed and hold back. Once a woman and her partner understand how it works it opens up a whole new world of mind blowing orgasms. People think that the liquid that comes out is urine because it comes out of the urethral opening. This fluid, that women ejaculate, is however; quite different from urine it is clear and sweetish. It is however not as viscous as male ejaculate.

To have a squirting orgasm the man needs to know how to stimulate the G-spot and the woman needs to want to have such an orgasm and not be embarrassed about it. It is a sort of training you need as a couple. Female orgasm can be very intense and unforgettable for both partners. One you have understood it, a squirting orgasm is far easier to give and have, and it is many times more pleasurable.

Similarities in Male and Female Genitalia
Male and female anatomy seems very different but, it is amazingly similar. The male penis head or Glans Penis is modified and forms the clitoris or “Glans Clitoris”. The shaft of the penis is modified and the erectile tissue is set around the vagina. During arousal this erectile tissue is engorged with blood in a manner similar to a man’s penis during erection. Just like stimulation of the Glans Penis and the Penis, stimulation of the Glans Clitoris and modified erectile tissue assist orgasm. If we look beyond the external anatomy, women also have a modified version of the Prostate, known as Skene’s Gland. The male prostate drains into the urethra so do the Skene’s glands in women. During female ejaculation, semen like fluid from the skene glands is ejaculated through the urethra. The male prostate can be stimulated through the anus and the Skene Gland can be stimulated by exciting the G-Spot through the vagina. Discover more here >>>>>>

Sunday, 13 September 2015

How to Make a Woman Orgasm

There is a big difference between the sexual needs of men and women. Erogenous zones of men are more or less limited to the penis but for women the whole body is erogenous. Every man feels good about himself when he brings a woman to orgasm. But 70 % men are unable to make a woman orgasm. And 70% of the time women do not orgasm during love making. It is not that men don’t want to make their woman orgasm. In fact men have a deep rooted desire to make the woman happy and it makes them feel powerful. It is simply an issue with improper understanding of a woman’s anatomy, her needs and lack of communication. Women never tell their man what to do and the man always thinks that he is doing everything right. So what do men do wrong?

Men mostly concentrate on vaginal stimulation alone. Men are usually in a rush to move to the vagina. Women however need more than that. Sex for men is only about the penis. For women sex is a full body experience even involving the emotions. At the physical level a woman needs some combination of anal, clitoral, vaginal, breast and nipple stimulation to orgasm. It also takes women on an average 20 minutes to orgasm whereas a man on an average orgasms in about 5 minutes. So the next time you are with a woman try to last longer and concentrate on the whole body not just her vagina. It is also about a psychological shift for the man. Admire her body and tell her how beautiful and sexy she is. If she feels you really admire her whole body the more at ease she will be and the more she will be able to let go. The more relaxed she is the more she will enjoy herself and have better chances of coming to orgasm.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to Make A Penis Pump

How do erections happen?
Before we go on to making a penis pump, let us understand how an erection happens. It is a fairly complex hydraulic process but easy to understand. There are three “chambers” erectile tissue “sacks” in the penis. Sexual excitement triggers a complex chemical process in the body that create circumstances for these chambers to be filled with blood, very similar to the way a balloon is inflated when air or water is forced in. Just like a balloon would naturally wants to go back to its original relaxed state the erectile tissue in the penis would do the same if there was no blood being forced in. If we could find a way to create lower pressure around the erectile tissue of the penis, the natural pressure of the blood in the body would flow into the erectile tissue chambers, resulting in an erection. This would happen even if the overall erectile system was not working optimally. All Penis enhancement (mechanical) devices work on this principle.  Vacuum penis pumps are an effective way to get an erection quickly. Penis pumps are a simple device and don't need to cost as much as they do. I have designed and developed a simple device out of an ordinary soda bottle that can provide enough suction for you to effectively achieve an erection. Continue reading click Here>>>>>>>>

Copper T Side Effects

A Copper IUD or Copper T such as Paragard, works as a spermicidal. Copper prevents pregnancy by killing sperm to prevent pregnancy. Copper T like Paragard is one of the most effective types of intrauterine contraceptives for women. Once inserted a copper IUD can remain in place for up to 10 years. It can be removed if you want to have a baby.

A Copper T is inserted and placed in the uterus by a doctor. After the procedure you can expect to have cramps and mild bleeding for a couple of days. You need to be careful for the first 24 hours after insertion and should not have sex, use tampons or put anything in the vagina.

 Female Condom        Female Condom 
 Spermicidal films     Vaginal Contraceptive Film 
 Spermicidal foams   Vaginal Contraceptive Foam  
 Spermicidal Gel       Contraceptive Gel  
 Spermicidal sponge Vaginal Sponge  
 Male Condom         Male Condom